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Ghettoblaster volume 2

Ghettoblaster Volume 1 was released by John Linardos in 1997, five years before the release of Ghettoblaster Volume 2. We revisit original contributors and add new ones. We used tube amps, cheap guitars, broken organs, and 5k gallons of beer to record all tracks live at Motor City Brewing Works. Some said it couldn't be done, others said it shouldn't be done, but in the spirit of all things good in the D- we did it anyway.

See the video on the right was taken by a patron during the GB volume 2 live recording session in/ around 2002.

“The Witches” song: “I Luv’d Wrong”

Troy Gregory is the singer/songwriter/founder. He’s quite prolific and is currently active in Detroit, MI.

"So here you are; a love note to the world from all your brothers and sisters in the Motor City."

- John Linardos

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